June 14, 2015

Saturday, June 13

Today I said goodbye to my girls from Hun School in New Jersey. It was a great week filled with fun, and craziness, and I'm so sad I didn't update you all every step of the way. Drew and I had meetings galore, and shopping for 17 people, and organizing and cleaning and learning and AHHHHH!

To my Hun friends - I hope that you all enjoyed your trip and thank you for being my first. I was impressed by your poise under pressure, willingness to go with the flow, and general awesomeness. Under the amazing direction of your fearless leaders, you surely shone bright here on the prairie.

I am having so much fun, despite the summer cold that someone brought me from New Jersey  (names have been retracted to protect the student/disease carrying monkey). We have cultural speakers Bob Tail Feathers and Cliff Eagle Speaker come by and discuss different aspects of the Blackfeet culture. We have a Sweat up at the Crawford's on Mondays, horseback riding on Wednesdays, the Museum of the Plains Indians and S'mores on Fridays and plenty of great times in between.

The service projects are varied, and so far we have more work than we can possibly get to - which is a good problem to have.

Pastor Hill continues to be a valuable resource, and we have an amazing cook named Patty Heavy Runner here in Heart Butte. She and her family eat dinner with us often and she has been a real pleasure to get to know. I look forward to getting to learn more about her and her family as the summer goes on.

Well I wanted to just get SOMETHING down here to catch people up. I promise to try and write more during this trip - a new school also from NJ- although it's my biggest group of the summer at 18 people (15 students, 3 Chaperons) and the female chaperon is my roommate for the week. So time and space to write are limited.

Anywho...night all! Missing everyone reading this!

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