June 7, 2015

Friday June 5, 2015

Today started off with breakfast at the bonfire site outside the church. We knew it was going to be a long one finishing up all the odds and ends of what we needed to do. We woke up at 8am – with no cold water – and just got busy cleaning after breakfast, and as I write this I just showered, and am laying in bed for the first time at 1am.
Today we had to:
·         Break back in to the church, after we locked ourselves out during breakfast. Drew climbed up on the roof and shimmied through a window that only opens half way.
·         Clean an entire church space, top to bottom, while doing enough laundry to have bedding and towels for 17 people.
·         Break in to the lot where the Global Volunteers storage shed was to get said laundry.
·         Break into the church annex space (with the Pastor’s permission) to grab some firewood for the bonfires this summer. We used half of it tonight while having a well-deserved beer and enjoying the sunset before getting back to work.
·         Grocery shop for 4 days for 3 meals a day for 17 people.
·         Make 17 beds
And all this needed to be done between 2 towns, 45 min drive apart. Needless to say, I’m exhausted, so today’s blog post is a short one.
Thank goodness the day ended with hot water FINALLY running so after 13 hours of manual labor and cleaning and insanity, I was able to end it with the fist true shower I’ve had since Wednesday morning.
So I leave you with a wish that you all could see the stars I saw tonight as we finished our day. Thankful for strong bodies to complete the labor, and with full stomachs and a warm shower. I wish you all could have that feeling. There’s nothing like it.
Lindsey Ball

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  1. And I couldn't get you to clean your room. Lol. Very proud of you. Sounds wonderful.