January 3, 2017

2017 Monthly Challenge

Clearly I need a catchy new name for my challenge... "12 Goals for 12 Months "? "12 for '17"? "The Year Lindsey Tries to Stick to Something for the Love of All That is Holy?!!!"?

This year I've decided to pick one goal to focus on every month in the hopes that they build on each other and make this year productive and fulfilling. The 12 goals aren't really fleshed out all that greatly yet, but I could either hem and haw and get them all perfect in my head, or just start doing them and start with today. I hear there is no greater time to start something.I'll post the rest of the months' challenges before too long but in order to get started. Drum Roll for me in your head, please:


This is a great struggle of my life, having been raised by a long line of (as my mom would call us) Control Enthusiasts. I do not accept that there are things in my life that cannot be controlled, I nit pick at all the things that can, and mostly stand around in a state of unrest and inaction worrying about my intense lack of control.

Enough already! Instead of being upset at all the things that I cannot control, wasting preciously scarce brain power, I'm going to do things that I can. If something is bothering me, or something needs done, and I have control over it, it will be done this month.

Laundry piling up? I can fix that. Budget out of control? I have an app for that (seriously, the Every Dollar App - Dave Ramsey- Check it out). Getting Chubby? I can work out. Have a shitty job? This one's going to take longer than January, but it's being worked on.

I have spent a great deal of my time doing nothing because everything feels so out of control. It seems too big, too insurmountable to fix my cluster f**k of a life. But I know that when my house is clean, and the clutter is put away, and I'm on top of the every day minutiae that can build up, that life seems brighter and more hopeful.

So there it is ladies and gents. I'm controlling the controllable. And more than that I hope to share my journey here with you. The struggles and the successes, and all my ridiculous stream of consciousness thoughts along the way.

If you're interested in doing a similar program - get in touch! Let's commiserate and celebrate!

Happy New Year!

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