November 17, 2016

Honeymoon Day 1

A brief outline of our first day before bed:

After 31 total hours of travel time, Alex and I made it safely to the hotel in Bangkok to begin our honeymoon adventure. We settled in to the hotel around 3am local time and were up and ready to go at 8:15am for the Orientation tour around town.

34 strangers including two other honeymooners, a single female traveler, and a handful of other mixed groups, loaded into our bus with Boeing, our guide for Bangkok and Northern Thailand. We drove around the very congested city taking in all the new sights and smells... oh the smells... until we came to Wat Traimit (Wat means temple, I have no idea what Traimit is). This temple holds a five and a half ton golden buddah. It was the Chief Monk's birthday so there was a large gathering of Monks chanting and eating together outside the temple. The golden buddah was stunning, the buildings ornate, and the crowds, pushy.

From Wat Traimit we traveled to Wat Po or Pho (Po means Banyon Tree so named after the Indian Government gave a Banyan Tree that is still in the temple grounds). Wat Po is home to the reclining buddah as well as many other smaller buddahs and a plethora of stupas (tombs).

We returned to the hotel right in time for lunch. Still tired from our travels, we got some quick lunch at the hotel and snuck in a quick 3 hour nap.

We then met the group for our Welcome Dinner and headed out to the lady boy show at Calypso and to get our fish spa pedicures and shop all at the Asiatique Night Market.

I promise to fill out more detail at some point but it's midnight and we have an 8am tour!

Love from Bangkok!


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