November 5, 2012

#25 in the 30 by 30

Cross this off my list!

Thanks to the support of my donors, and my friend Sharday (pictured - and I hope that's okay) I was able to climb 103 flights of stairs (that's over 2,000 stairs total) to the skydeck floor of the Sears (refuse to call it Willis) Tower.

I'm actually surprised that my legs feel fine today. A little tired but definitely not anything close to what I expected. The climb wasn't even really that hard on my legs, it was hard on my lungs. The air was so dry in the stairwell, and so hot, that my lungs were burning very early on. The heat and dry air also sapped all moisture from my body by floor 30 and I got a dehydration headache. This caused me to stop more often than I would have liked and definitely hurt my time. But I finished in a respectable 47:38.

Sharday and I then went to lunch where I ate entirely too much bread. It was great.

Thanks again to all your encouraging words, and donations to make this possible!


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