November 17, 2012

#24 Pole Work

My adventurous friend Jessica and I both shaved our legs, left them unlotioned, and put on our short shorts today for a day of awkwardness. It was hard, I was ungraceful and somewhat unsexy (I mean, you can't take away all the sexy in just one hour) and my legs are bruised and sore from squeezing/banging into the pole. It was so much fun!

First we took pictures on the pole:

 Jess tried to hold on for dear life.
I just tried to look as fun as possible, hiding my nerves and uncertainty.
We had a really fun instructor named Kristen and she clearly had ballet training because she kept using the word plie and looked entirely too graceful on her pole. We danced to Rihanna's "Diamonds" and I tried my best to keep up.
Without any dance training and even though I have rhythm in general, a choreographed dance routine is hard work. Even harder when you're trying to look sexy, hold a pole, and try not to get dizzy!
In the end, I learned one trick and a couple spins. The trick never really worked out for me. But for your viewing and judging pleasure, I present to you, my attempt at a spin:
I'm one more item checked off, a little sore, and ready for Africa! I'll talk to you all in December.
Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!

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