August 23, 2012

Petty? Me? Noooo

I've been doing this boot camp for 13 weeks now (I'm on my third session of 6 weeks) and I really like it, I'm seeing muscle where chub used to be, and I feel strong. I can even do push ups the real way now, without my knees on the ground! I do burpees and squats like a mad woman and I feel more energetic, and inspired and stronger after each workout. I try to focus on form and not be competitive when I don't need to be, just going at my own pace and making the most of it for me. But Tuesday WAS a competition.

We were running suicide relays. Each suicide was a different exercise, the second being the side shuffle. I was paired up against this girl in a purple tank top. I was sick with a cold and not at 100% but I showed up because I'm awesome. So I start shuffling to the first cone, we're neck and neck, I'm focusing on my form and giving it all I've got, snot running down my throat, it was pretty rough. I'm coughing but I keep going.

Side shuffle, side shuffle, We get to the second cone and she's about three shuffles ahead. I'm a competitive person, but I'm also an honest person and this purple shirted shuffle shirker was front shuffling! Hardly even attempting to look like she was doing it right. Our fearless leader, Brittany, calls her out on it yet she refuses to change. We know that this is a competition with something on the line, and I see that I'm losing my leg (of the relay, not the one below my butt), but she's cheating. I keep focusing on my form and fairness, and she keeps front shuffling like a little bitch.

By the end of Tuesday's session, three different relay sets, she has blatantly spit in the face of boot camp itself and that front shuffling little skank cost my team and I a total of 15 burpees.

I guess the plus side is that I'll look way better than her cheating butt in a bathing suit by the end and isn't that what really matters?


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  1. I hate people who cheat and people who cut in line! I bet she cuts in line too! Eww!