July 23, 2012

May I Have a Volunteer From the Audience?

By now you have seen my 30 by 30 post; if you haven't it's the only other post on this blog so stop being so damn lazy!

Read it? Good.

Now that we're on the same page you know I am going to need some help. Not just from a qualified mental health professional, but also from you. I'm going to need words of encouragement, and friends with balls to attempt some of these things with me. So here is a list of the activities I'd like friends to join in. Post a comment, Facebook me, or email me if you are interested in doing any of these with me and we can start to plan.

     Trapeze lesson                                 Stair climb in Sears Tower
     Sprint Tri                                         Polar Plunge
     Dance class                                     Canoe trip
     Cooking class                                  Improv class
     Spanish class                                   Pole dancing class

Also, I'll be walking, riding, swimming, crawling, skipping, doing the worm or otherwise moving my body 30 miles a week, so please feel free to schedule some time to go along with me.

Thanks for all your help!


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